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Electric cars

New CityBee electric cars

Car when you need it and as much as you need it. No long-term obligations or struggles due to car maintenance!

More features. More peace of mind.

Eco Friendly

Karma points are guaranteed, because an electric car saves CO2.


Possibility to drive a lane for electric cars and other discounts, such as free access to Neringa

Nice to drive

Automatic transmission and silent electric vehicle flow

Important to know

  • Check the battery level on the app before starting your reservation
  • You can finish cargo EV reservation only in the same zone as you've started
  • You can finish your trip with passenger EV in any active CityBee zone
  • Don't forget to plug in the charger before finishing your reservation

Never tried to charge an EV? Easy!

Take the token you can find it there and there.

Take the plug you can find it there and there.

Connect with the large plug with the car.

Do something with the token.

Connect smaller plug with the charger it will lock.

Leave the token in the car for other users.

Start your journey



Everything you need is CityBee app!

Download the app, sign up in just 60 seconds and make a buzz!